Is there an admission fee to the public?

There is no admission fee for customers at McConkey's Market. Washington Crossing Historic Park (PA) However the park may charge for various activities offered in the park during the market.

Will there be food?

Yes, each market is attended by food trucks and other food vendor booths.

Do you provide tables and tents to vendors?

Vendors must supply all tables and tents. Tents must be staked or weighted for safety.

Where will the booths be set up?

Booths will be located in the grassy area near the Washington Crossing Historic Park Visitor Center and historic buildings (the Boat Barn, McConkey's Inn) at the park. This location provides a unique atmosphere to set our market experience apart from the rest. 

Can I share a booth?

Yes, booths may be shared. You must note on your application that you want to share a booth and with whom. Please supply pictures and application information from both vendors.

Can I request a double booth?

Yes, a double booth will cost $200. We have enough room to honor most requests for double booths.

How many vendors attend McConkey's Market?

On average, about 80 vendors attend most markets, but we can go as high as 100 vendors.

Is this a juried show? When will I know that I have been accepted?

This is a juried show, and we will let vendors know a week after the application deadline if they have been accepted. Vendors who are not accepted will recieve a refund. We try to limit each category of vendor to ensure a variety of offerings to our customers. We seek out a variety of unique items.