Some people look at old packaging and books as junk. Film editor turned jewelry designer Susan Forker sees treasure. Her business – joeyfivecents – transforms vintage paper from old novels, dictionaries and manuals into everyday, wearable jewelry.  

“I never scan or duplicate, which I consider very important as it preserves the integrity of the image,” says Susan, who works in a Civil War-era barn in Doylestown. “One of my favorite steps is when I hunt for new imagery … I am very particular and thrive on scouring flea markets, thrift stores and the like for my latest collection. joeyfivecents allows me to present these fantastic images in a modern way.”

Susan’s jewelry pieces – she calls them “Joeys” – gives new life to images which might otherwise be forgotten. Her most recent line was inspired by the textures and colors of the Bucks County landscape. Working with epoxy clay, rich-colored pigments and custom molds, these pieces evoke an organic, earthy vibe that celebrates nature's beauty and imperfections through botanical imagery.

See Joey5cents at McConkey’s Market on June 15 form 10-4 in Washington Crossing Historic Park.

BarbB Jewelry

BarbB Jewelry

Vendor Spotlight: Barbara Eldridge, BarbB Jewelry

After a busy life raising three children, Barbara’s creativity was in full bloom. Her favorite saying, “Oh, I can make something out of that,” kicked into action.

“I’ve always been inspired by nature and have an eye for seeing beauty in the unrefined,” she says. “Many of my favorite mediums are derived from recycled, upcycled and repurposed materials such as glass, copper pipes, copper and aluminum electrical wire, silverware and keys.” 

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Naturally Yours

Susan Nonn has been hooked on gourds for nearly 20 years – ever since she attended the Ohio Gourd Society’s festival in 1999. She bought five gourds and a gourd crafting book that day and a passion was born.

 “It was through the American Gourd Society’s website that I found local gourd growers and tips about crafting gourds,” Susan says. “My earliest creations were simple birdhouses and bowls with embellished rims. As my skills improved, so did my appreciation of the natural gourd. I always try to enhance the gourd without hiding its natural shape and beauty.”

 Many of Susan’s designs are inspired by nature and are embellished with natural materials such as stone beads, pods and feathers. For color, she uses dyes or inks that penetrate the gourd surface but also enhance the fundamental gourd patterns. Her products range from functional items to whimsical seasonal creations.  

“I am fortunate to have discovered a craft for which I have a personal passion,” she says.

Come see Naturally Yours on June 15 from 10AM – 4PM at McConkey’s Market in Washington Crossing Historic Park (PA).