Creatively Obsessed Designs

Selena Braunstein likes to say she makes “wearable history.” She currently works with antique and vintage buttons, transforming these tiny, everyday objects into modern jewelry. 

Selena spends a great deal of time sourcing buttons from all over the world and from a variety of time periods. Modern and vintage glass buttons from the Czech Republic. Victorian buttons that are rich with detail. Art Nouveau buttons with their curved lines. And Art Deco buttons with their geometric shapes and strong colors.

“As I work on each piece I think of the life that button has led,” says Selena, who provides each customer with a description and age of the button in their jewelry piece. “What clothing did it adorn? Who wore it? What history did it unknowingly observe? Each of these little treasures is rare and special.”

Come see Creatively Obsessed Designs on September 14 from 10AM – 4PM at McConkey’s Market in Washington Crossing Historic Park (PA).