The Rabbit Hole Vintage Marketplace


Vendor Spotlight: The Rabbit Hole Vintage Marketplace

After working 18 years in her family’s business, Lisa Bowman decided it was time to strike out on her own. The result was The Rabbit Hole Vintage Marketplace. 

“I have a passion for restoring and revitalizing vintage furniture so that it can be appreciated and bring warmth to someone’s modern-day décor,” Lisa says. “The character of older pieces can’t be matched because the talented craftsmen are no longer making furniture and today’s materials are no match to what was used in the past.”

Located in Langhorne, PA, the Rabbit Hole Vintage Marketplace has become a local “go to” for unique vintage furniture finds. Lisa will bring a wide variety of inventory to McConkey’s Market, including antiques, uniques and retro chic furniture and décor to match your own personal style.   

Come see The Rabbit Hole Vintage Marketplace on June 16 from 10AM – 4PM at McConkey’s Market in Washington Crossing Historic Park (PA).

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