M.D. Bair Woodcarving Studio

md blair 1.jpg

Mark Bair left the corporate world in 2009 to follow his passion for woodcarving. He’s never looked back.

“I’ve always had a love for art and working with my hands,” says Mark. “I love working with wood, but really enjoy what found objects can bring to my pieces…I consider myself a wood sculptor/mixed media artist.”

Each of Mark’s unique pieces starts out as a block of wood and an idea. He then creates a foundation using traditional hand carving tools. At that point, he merges in salvaged items such as roofing copper, architectural elements or vintage hardware. Acrylics and oils bring his work to life and antiquing each piece marries it with the salvaged items and gives it a historical feel.

“Adding items with a past life makes each piece a special, never-to-be-duplicated work of art,” he says.